Did the Harmon Hundred yesterday. I've done this ride for many years, but this year they had a completely new route. Moved it from SE Wisc. To NE IL.

I'm pretty easy to please, but this new route was a b**ch. Heavy traffic, narrow crappy pavement, many stop lights, stop signs, and cranky drivers. They seemed to have found my list of roads to avoid in the area and put them all on one ride. If there were no crashes yesterday I'd be amazed. I think I did see a rider getting a ticket, not sure why, but he was about 50 ft. past a four way stop so I can guess.

They did get the few roads that I do like riding, but that only covers about 10 miles of the hundred.

Food was good, though I miss the sushi of days past. The single rest stop had usual assortment of cookies and PB&J but also subs and a really fine pasta salad. I'm not really a fan of the hub and spoke route plan, I enjoy getting to that rest stop that's nearly 50 miles from the starting point. But that's just my preference, I can see how manning a single stop is much more efficient.

Anyway, I hope they get enough complaints o move back to Wisc. I'll be thinking long and hard about doing that route again.