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    Oklahoma Randonneuring?

    I have done some self-contained touring, but would like to try a 200km brevet to see if its the sort of thing I would like. Does anyone here know of any brevets near Tulsa, OK (eastern OK, western AR, southeastern KS)? The closest events I can find are in Dallas and Kansas City, and it would be cool if I can find something closer to home.

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    It looks like there is a group in Arkansas:

    Check on the brevet locations for Lone Star Randonneurs. We just recently had a brevet starting out of Denison, for example. Which is not exactly Tulsa, but catch the rides that are in the right direction, and it'll save some driving.

    I don't know but what you don't have better bicycling country in Tulsa than you do here in north Texas, in which case, it could be kind of aggravating to drive 4 or 5 hours just to go riding in some place that's not as nice as where you came from. Maybe it's time to locate 20 friends and start a group up there.

    Edit: What you need to do is wait until fall when the weather is nicer, then come down here to Texas (or go up to KS or AR) and ride one of the 200k's with the group. You could do it this summer, but then you have the challenge of the distance plus the heat, which is kind of a double whammy.

    Generally, for Lone Star Randonneurs rides, you'll need to be an LSR member (costs like $20 or so) and you'll probably want to go ahead and get RUSA membership (another $20 or so). Preferably, do those a month or so in advance. For rides in the fall, due to the shorter days, you'll probably want to have lights and reflective gear, even if you're figuring to get back in before dark, just in case. Feel free to sign on to the LSR website/message board and ask questions there as well.

    You can also do Permanents, which are more solo-type rides done at your own scheduling, but it's more fun if you can start off with a group.
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