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    First century of the season, am i ready?

    Alright, so i'm doing a century this saturday. i've been training for it for a few months by riding 25-45 miles per ride pretty frequently, but on the low end of that scale up until recently.

    I rode 55 miles today (yay) that started out really flat and i hit hills in the last 10 (planned). I was dead when i got home. I think it may have been bad nutrition (had large iced coffee right before i got on the bike, only carried one water and filled it halfway at the midpoint of my ride, ate a little, but didnt have any Gu or energy bars, just a bananna. and didnt have any sports drink, just water, AND it was humid and 90.

    if the ride saturday is very flat (same route as the flat part today, just keep going insted of turning towards hills), and i stay properly hydrated and eat well during the ride, you think i can make it?

    i also pushed the pace today, it was a solo ride, and it is forecasted to not be as humid saturday. i've also done this century last year for the first time, so i know somewhat to expect.

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    You will have to hold your speed down.
    Eat a good breakfast. That will get you the first 40 Miles.

    Take a drink every 15 minutes.
    Eat something every 30 minutes.

    Stand up and pedal every 10 minutes, circulates your blood everywhere and gives your butt a rest.
    The last 10 miles is so so tough.

    If and when it gets hot, carry and pour ice water on your head , neck and back.

    Good Luck.
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