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    24 hour mountain bike races in Canada and USA

    I am interested in for 2012. To try some 24 hour mountain bike races. More of XC.

    However I like to know of what are the big events of that type of either Canada or USA.

    Where there is lots of people who attend from all over and theres many levels of competition.

    I have seen some events but not sure if they are more of just like local club races?

    I am in Ontario Canada so i would be willing to travel around Canada all way to BC
    and in USA to places like Texas for example for a big 24 hour races.

    But would rather only go if its a big time event if you get what i mean?

    so tell me all about the 24 hours races you know of and what did you think

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    I don't keep up with that kind of stuff, but have heard a lot about Dirty Kanza, I think it's in Kansas. It's not a 24-hour race, I think it's a 200-mile race or something, though. But we've had some of the local randonneurs that did it and thought it was great. Looking on one of their websites, I see reference to a "Gravel Worlds" race in Nebraska and a "Red River Riot" in Texas. And, come to think of it, there was some big mountain bike race in Leadville that some of them went to.
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