The up:
Beautiful weather
Saw a coyote run across the road ahead of me, several deer, a hot air balloon, an ultralight.
People living along the route out by the road, clapping and ringing bells
Beat my PR
Surpass my goal for the year
2nd longest distance in my category (male solo recumbent)

The down:
6 miles short of my long term goal
0.1 miles short of an accumulated mileage of 1000
A registration error had me registered as male solo upright, so no award
(they also had my occupation listed as Dentist; I'm an engineer.)
Doing math in my head, with a lap distance of 7.2, on no sleep, is darned near impossible

Somewhere around midnight I knew I would meet my goal of 350, and it looked like 400 miles (long term goal) was possible. That provided motivation to push the pace. At 2 am it still seemed within reach so I pushed on. At 5:46 I needed 5 laps, which was darn close. Being self supported I needed at least one stop in that time to refill water bottles and grab some food. It was tempting to jump on one of the pacelines, but I've always run this event solo, and I wanted my miles to compare apples to apples with previous years. I pushed really hard for one lap, cooked myself in the process, and shut it down. Three easy laps later I finished at 7:55 am with 396 miles. Ten minutes less of stop time, and I could have had 400. Bittersweet to have done better than expected, yet so near my ultimate goal.

This is a fantastic event. Mind boggling what some of the older riders do, including one guy in the 75+ category who had over 400 miles.