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    Question regarding Bike shopping..

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this website. I am currently a student majoring in IST. My main project for one of my class is to build a bike shop website. So i would like to ask couple questions regarding my project. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

    1). What kind of bikes would you be interested in, for example are you a mountain biker or racer etc?
    2). When shopping online on a website what do you usually look for in terms of how the website looks, color schema etc?
    3). Would you be interested if a website has build you own bike option?
    4). Are you a frequent online shopper?
    5). What type of products would you like to see the website sell?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can help my team out for this project. We are trying to collect as much info as possible for regular bikers. This is just for user story purpose.

    Thank you

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    I'll get things rolling here. First off, keep in mind that I'm a very novice bike enthusiast after a 30-year hiatus, currently riding my old Fuji road bike. But, I have been skulking around various sites eyeballing mountain bikes. That said:
    1) I like to see options in all category of bikes, even though I'm not even interested in them. In other words, I want to see that the site can cater to all enthusiasts - road bikes, mountain bikes, crossovers, etc. I also like to see a spread in pricing. If I'm only interested in a high-end collector's bike I know there are places to go to look at them and drool down the front of my shirt, but they are way, way out of my price range.
    2) I'm not too picky about color schemes or page backgrounds as long as there is nothing flashing or strobing in my face. If there is, I will leave immediately because it screams cheap to me. Same for any sound or video that starts automatically. I want easy navigation, dropdown menus when appropriate, page layout that is easy to read and follow, and as much information as possible for each model of bike that I look at. I think it goes without saying, no comic sans.
    3) I would not be particularly interested in choosing a bunch of options for the perfect bike because I lack the expertise to know what to choose, but I'm quite sure there are many bikers who would love that feature.
    4) Yes. Too frequent. Enough said.
    5) As a noob, just bikes. I'm not heavily into the sport/hobby/obsession enough to be interested in a lot of paraphernalia, and for things like bike bags, tire pumps, helmets, etc., I try to give that kind of business to my LBS, along with any repairs I'm not comfy with.

    Good luck with the research! When you get the site up give us a link.

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