Posted this in the other forum bu forget that not everyone checks it. may help some of you.
hey, all--
lots of you train with power and i know it's a common theme that SRMs are too expensive. in fact, my story with power is that i could not afford an SRM so went with another brand. took me years and a pile of headaches to make the switch (and then to realize what i'd been missing) and later SRM offered me a dealership as i'd sent many people their way.

full disclosure: i'm an SRM dealer but basically use it as a way to help out people i like. they announced a small incentive which allows me to pass along even better deals (additional 5% off). i already price them near wholesale for friends; this is the best deal i've ever seen from them.

if you're interested, let me know and i can get you pricing and/or discuss options. (if you want to talk live shoot a PM with your email and/or phone # and i can make it happen.)

as i said above, i don't really make money from this, so if you prefer go to your local SRM dealer and ask them about it. the catch is they need to order at least 3. the deal is running for a few weeks, but i'm planning to put in an order for 4 or 5 units this week.

one more detail: for every other unit sold, there's a free PC7 included. the pc8 is coming soon (preorders are being accepted in about 3 weeks), but the PC7 still has value as a head unit....or if sold off to offset the cost of a meter.