I have a spot reserved for the 2007 Transrockies Challenge. Seven days traversing the Canadian Rockies, 6-10 hours a day. Done in pairs and scored by general classification like any other stage race.

I am seeking a teammate, male or female, that is serious about training for and competing in this event. Location is important, but not vital. I'll be racing in ultra-marathon and 12-24 hour events to prepare for the race, and it would be great to race with my teammate at least once before the event. Can you think of a better summer?

I'm a laid back 20-something bicycle mechanic. Once upon a time I was an accomplished Junior bike racer, had the opportunity to race overseas as well as in the 2002 Tour L'abitibi/Junior Stage Race World Cup, a 6 day invitational stage race for international racers age 17-18. I gave up racing after a collegiate season at Colorado State and decided to pursue my degree. I was always active in bicycling since, whether it be in my short stint as a bike messenger in Chicago or my past year as the service manager at a bike shop... however my outlook on bike racing has changed. It is now more about personal achievement, pushing the body and having a damn good time than it is about riding a free bike, standing on podiums, and weighing food. I like good dark beer and I like staying up late. My entry into the Transrockies is about having fun but also competing, I'm looking for a partner that is interested in the same.

Any takers?