It is time again for the roadies and the Mtn bikers to join as one and all come together for the 6th annual Trail To Trail race!!
This year it will be held at Loyce Harpe Park in Lakeland FL. The local roads have been widened and re-paved for a great 30-35 mile road course.
Racers start with a 7 mile lap at Loyce Harpe Mtn course then transition to the road for a 30-35 mile road course that leads you back to the park to saddle up for another lap in the dirt.

Team and solo categorys and for the hard-core and lover of pain we got the all-mountain class. We are also going 5 deep for awards and medals in most classes.
Flier up soon. Just wanted to get the word out.
Need more info? Email me at redtrailracing(at)hughes(dot)net or call 8635597588