Tinker & Pua WIN 12 hours of Temecula 08
Written by: Ron @ 1:02 pm
Tinker & Pua WIN the 12 Hours of Temecula 08
January 26th, 2008 Temecula California

Today was the season opener for the 2008 12 hours of Temecula race series. The weather was beautiful at first but it was soon to change, turning cold and windy after only a few hours of racing and finally ending with 3 hours of nasty cold rain to top off the day.

Right out of the gate Tinker Juarez dominated the entire race field, building a 2.5 minute gap only half way through the first 10 mile lap! He was able to steadily increase his lead and after just over 10 hours and 12 laps he was able to finish the race early and take the win. He was also able to take home the king of the mountain award for being first to the top of the initial climb. but Juarez came just short of the fastest lap award, missing it by only 18 seconds to a team rider.

On the Women’s side the story was much the same, Pua stayed out front with the top 3 men and was able to put over 7 minutes on her competition on the first lap. After only 7 hours she had already gained over one lap on her nearest competition. At just over 9 hours she was able to finish the race nearly 3 hours early for the win with 10 laps. Pua was also awarded the queen of the mountain award and the fastest female lap.