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    Best Bang for the Buck?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new here, so I'd like to ask some advice. I'm interested in buying a mtn bike. I've done my research, so I know about all the different brands and stuff. I'm interested in what bike gives you the most bang for the buck. In my case, the buck is $500-$600. Now I know this is "entry-level" range, but do any bikes offer more(in terms of components, better frame, shocks, etc) than others in this range?

    I read somewhere that brands like Giant and GT offer more bang than say Specialized or Trek, which is what most people seem to buy b/c of the brand recognition. I could care less about that. I want the best bike for the money. I've looked at the Giant Rincon, GT Avalanche(although all the different Avalanches confuse me), Cannondale F7 and F6, Trek 3900 and 4300. I haven't had a chance to check out Gary Fisher yet.

    What would ya'll suggest for the best bang for my $500-$600 bucks? Thanks!!!

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    I think your reading has served you well, as I, too, would place Giant and GT in the value-for-the-dollar bracket. Other brands in my mind to check out might be Diamondback, KHS, K2 and maybe even Fuji. These are all 'second-tier' brands - - in other words, brands that your name-brand bike shop might carry as a second 'price point' line because they offer a bit of bang-for-the-buck in the more entry-level price range. I have been particularly impressed with some Diamondback offerings in this way. Iron Horse might be one to look at too, although they are more and more evolving past their former second-tier status.

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