Hello All!!

I have a question that maybe someone here can help me clear up. I won't go into too many details, as I don't want to bore anyone.

I just rode in this week's Mammoth marathon. My ride was dedicated to my 4-year-old daughter who went to Heaven last year. Alaina loved going to Mammoth. I was able to have the announcer make a dedication announcement about it, and that my goal was to finish in 6 hours (Alaina would've been 6 this year). Towards the end of my lap 2, I was passed by 4 riders (Dave Weins, Tinker, and 2 others), and as I was coming up to the finish line, Jeff said I had one more lap to go, however, the NORBA official stopped me from continuing. Hey, I paid for 3 laps, I expected to finish 3 laps, especially for the reason why I was there.

Does any one have any knowledge of the rules or such that would make this official stop me? It's bad enough that my heart hurts without Alaina, and being stopped makes it hurt more. Please email me at mantispf2000@yahoo.com with your thoughts, as I would appreciate them.