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Thread: Rigid Racin'

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    Rigid Racin'

    Hello! Has anyone here competed in XC with a fully rigid bike? I'm looking for tips, experiences, remembrances. I have a Surly Ogre that I want to race, but I'm nervous about my chances of finishing even mid-pack. I know just from putzing around on the local trails that I can climb faster than most but I just get annihilated on the downhills. Anyway, any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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    oops. ancient post. I'll check dates next time :)

    I race STXC rigid but lots do.

    Last rigid XC race was in 1994. Passed everyone going up the hill got passed by everyone going down the hill. Multiply by 8 laps.

    That race had a long fall line downhill on it though, worst possible course for rigid.
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