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    to shock or not to shock...

    well im not gonna ask the age old question "which bike" all im gonna ask is what exactly is the signifigance in the front and rear shocks?....are they specifically for offroad use, or will they work on a in-town comuter just as well?

    and yes i am a newbie here, so forgive me if this is another same old question, but i just got done reading 5 pages of just one thread looking for answers and did not find them, and figured this would be alot easier!!!

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    medium and long travel bikes 4-6 and 7+ respectivly are mainly for heavy offroad use(freeriding for lack of a better word) a short travel bike 4inches or less can be used for offroad and onroad use the suspension will make the ride better then a riged. it will help soak up all the bumps and potholes. on a comuter a hardtail is better purely for pedaling efficency. but everybody has their own opinion on that. a good softtail is usually alot more expensive then good a hardtail. there have been many debates here about which is better and i think they both have their own purposes.

    so yes there is signifigance to suspensions they are an added advantage to your performance in some situations.
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    trees: natures brakes(they work really well. although they kinda hurt)

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