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    Mountain Bike Help/ Questions/ whatever

    I may have found this site a day to late. Long story short, I went to Academy (sporting goods store) and bought a 89$ mountain bike, made by Dynacraftbike, called Ozone 500, anyway, after reading some stuff on this site i realize that maybe i should have went to a bike shop, but anyways, 140 bucks later, (helment, lights, pump) I'm stuck with this one for now.

    I'm pretty much just going to use this bike to get back and forth from work, approx 6 Mile round trip. Will this bike hold up? Should I check anything specific to see if it needs tightning, (was put together at the store) and last but not least, on each side of the handle bars there is another 4 inch bar that sticks up in the air, what are those for, and which way should they be pointing?

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    Return the bike if you can...really.
    If a commuter...not bad as not a big loss if stolen, you don't commute on HQ equiptment if locking up long.

    The pointy things are bar ends, position like bull horns. Gives you a second hand position, wider for the chest -usefull climbing.

    Maybe keep as a commuter and read more about mtbing, you 'could' find a used older decent bike for $200.
    You need to do your homework to be able to do this.
    Entry level new 'real' mtb will be say $350, and last years.

    If you keep the bike, don't store it outside, the alloy in components will be poor and prone to corrosion.
    Make sure all the steering and braking components have been tightened.

    Sorry to sound negative, But think of the requirements this piece of sporting equiptment is able to face, at this level of cost, the bike is basically a toy.

    Cycling doesn't HAVE to be super expensive, but keep in mind of the quality you may want\need in a bike.
    Most anything cheap as for as complex machines go -is crap.
    As far as cheaper bikes go -go simple, no suspension. You MAY get more in the component\ frame quality if they don't have to include the $$ mock-shocks cost in the build.
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