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Thread: New to biking

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    New to biking

    I picked up a 15 speed mountain bike that someone had tossed into their trash for spring cleaning (I love this time of year ) which needed a new shift lever, a seat, and all new cables

    It's made by Raleigh, and it says Rocky II on it... it's red and the handles, tires, and brake pads all look like they are in good shape. The chain has a little rust on it so I might try putting one from another found bike on it. The paint is chipped in places with some minor rust forming in the occasional spot, but it's shiny and red and looks fairly nice. I might repaint it some day if I feel adventurous

    I took the shift pedals off of another mountain bike that I found (tonnes of them thrown away this time of year), they are black instead of chrome like the one that's on there... they don't look as nice, but they look like roughly the same design and that they'd fit, and both kinds say Shimano on them. It was easy to find a seat to put on it, and I even found I could put a kickstand on it
    The brakes say Lee Chi on them

    It looks like a nice bike to me but I don't know bikes that well. What do you all think?

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    if it works and your happy with it, ride it. post some pictures, lets see the beast.

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