Ok so I went riding on the greenway with my friend today and we weren't planning to leave paved ground but it happened. We were riding along and out of nowhere you see about a 12" dirt path with overgrown greens, so we turn down it. At first it was pretty nice, so softer dirt and the hutchinsons were hooking up fine and pulling through. About 5 or so minutes into the riding we start running into 5-10 feet patches of water/mud. The hutchinsons pushed through the water/mud without much spinning but slid sideways on me a few inches depdning on how my weight was positioned. I didn't lose my balance though. The Hutchinsons performed quite greatly offroad. The 3 miles of paved road I rode vibrated my ass so bad that it was actually bothersome. No road riding, what so ever. Otherwise these tires are nice. The Candy pedals held up GREAT while engaged, I at one point tried to pedal while not clipped in and bashed the crap out of my foot as it slid off. So far I like them. Here are some after pix, I unfortunately didn't take my digi with me.