Just wanted to share the experience I had getting my new Titus frame. The story starts out bad, ends good (sorry to ruin the suspense).

I decided to buy a new all-around trail bike that I can race with, as well as take on some tougher terrain. After demo'ing a bunch of bikes, I decided the Switchblade was the bike I wanted. I spoke to a Titus rep and was told they were running four weeks out. Fine, I can live with a four week wait. I'd still have the bike in plenty of time for the MS ride on June 30, and two races in July. I placed the order on May 12 through my LBS to give them the business. Delivery date is estimated as June 10.

Four weeks pass, and I call the LBS to get a status. After checking with Titus, they tell me it will be an additional four week wait, putting the delivery time around July 8. I was disappointed, but not shocked. I still had enough time to get the bike for racing and ride it for the better part of the summer.

Yesterday, I get a call from the LBS telling me the frame has been delayed an additional 8 to 10 weeks. Needless to say, I was pissed. This puts my original four week wait at 16 weeks now. After bickering with the LBS, I decided to call Titus and speak to them myself. Due to a recall of Loco-Moto frames, Switchblade frames were offered as replacements. That, combined with the filling of earlier backorders, wiped out their stock of Switchblades. New frames just went into production, which resulted in the additional delay.

The Titus rep was very apologetic, and offered to sell me a Quasi-Moto frame at the Switchblade price (a $300 upgrade). After thinking it over, I took him up on the offer. (FYI, the Quasi frame is 6.5lbs, the SB frame is 5.6lbs). He also offered to swap out a SB rear triangle and a SB swingarm to bring the weight down. I declined that. Also, he gave me the air shock I wanted in place of the coil at no additional charge. The Quasi will be shipped to my LBS the week of July 8, in the size and color I wanted.

So the long of it is, Titus put me though a long waiting process, but made me happy by upgrading my frame and rear shock at no additional charge.

Thank you Titus for taking care of me.