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    Newbie needs a little help

    Howdy Yall,

    I got a bike almost exactly like this one, only in yellow, about three years ago.

    I'm 16 now, and it was big on me when i got it. My dad didn't know what he was doing and bought it for me as a b-day present. I don't know alot about mountain bikes, but this looks like a pretty decent ride. My friend is into moutain biking and his only has the front shocks. I've decided to take up mountain biking, my friend is going to take me to places he rides at. I expect that we'll be going on trails and hitting the dirt jumps and such.

    My Question: it feels like my pedals are too close to the ground. every now and then when i'm on a trail, i feel them hit the terrain. Is it because my tires are too small? (they are the stock ones...the same size as the pic.) or, are my shocks too loose?

    thanks for any help you can give me.
    I can't wait to get this puppy tuned up and kicked in gear!


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    The link does not work, you abreavited part of it so we can not look at the pic. If you can't get it to work please tell us the name and model of the bike, as well as all the other stuff you know.

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