I have a 1998 Specialized Hard Rock Sport. It's an older chro-moly bike. I've got Shimano XTR Components but that is the extent of the thrills. I haven't ridden in a while and recently got back into it. I want to modify my bike. Preferably a new fork, wider tires, maybe new wheels, new stem and bar set (riser style rather than flat....found a good deal on some KORE stuff at dirtworld.com). I'm not sure of what will fit where. Being new to mods, I'm wondering if everything is a remotely universal fit (most likely not, I'm sure). If not, what forks are the best value forks that will fit? I'm pretty open as long as they aren't thousand dollar forks. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? I'm not sure if I want to just buy a new bike, or simply have fun working on the one I have. Are the mods feasible?