A Discussion of the WV Mountain Bike Association Point Series, and other racing & riding in WV.

This year, WVMBA split its Point Series races into 2 seasons - 9 spring races, and 8 summer/fall races instead of 17 races in one point series. What do the riders think?

The race promoters thought that numbers might go up, but this hasn't been the case so far... not too many riders go to the fall meetings where all this stuff is decided, so some feeback would be great.

For you non-WV riders checking this out: your standard WVMBA XC sanctioned race has an entry fee between $25 and $35, prizes, a post race meal, and most have race T-shirts included in the entry fee. Some races have small, steep hills, some are at ski resorts... and all are held regardless of the weather, which can be snow, torrential downpours, or simply beautiful!