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    I've got an 8- or 9-year-old, polished-aluminum Iron Horse ARS-760 mountain bike, with a mixture of Deore LX/Deore XT components and a Mag-21 front shock. I believe the front brakes are Deore LX. The front wheel has seen a lot of hard trail action and is out-of-true (it rubs my brakes in a hard turn)'s pretty old, so I just want to get a new wheel altogether.

    I'm not sure of the brand of the wheels on the bike, but they have a Parallax hub. The tire is 26x2.10.

    Can I just get this wheel?
    XT760-717 Front Wheel

    ...and use the existing tire? Or does anyone have a good tire they'd recommend for mixed road/trail?

    I've completely lost touch with compatibility with newer stuff, so any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!


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    I don't know what a Parallax hub it, but I'm guessing it's shimano/sram compatible in terms of the cassete. If your bike is 7 speed rear, you'll have to add a spacer between the cassette and new hub, as 8/9 hubs are narrower to fit the wider cassette. No big deal, I did the same on mine, and you'll have to take the cassette off the old wheel anyway. I got my spacer at Performance when I bought the new wheelset.


    By the way, you can get cheaper wheels with XT hubs. I bought a Mavic set last year from Perf for something like $129 for both front and rear.

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    Since you are just looking at the front wheel you should be fine. It's with the rear wheel that you have to be concerned about compatibility. That is a really nice wheel, the 717 rims are very nice. As long as your tire is not dry rotted you should have no troubles just putting it on the new rim. If it is the original tire then I would definately replace it.
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