Narrowed my long tyre search down to two pairs. First question is what would most you all choose. The contis are lighter and seem to get very good reviews. The highrollers look a little better in the mud tho (and this is scotland...). Current swaying towards the Contis.

Conti Diesel 2.5 Front
Conti Gravity 2.3 Rear
Maxxis Highroller 2.5 F / 2.35 R

Second question is that the Contis come in 4 differnt types. Wire bead / Kevlar Bead / Kevlar ProTection and the tubeless.

The wire bead is around half the price of the others. Apart from weighing more and not having the protection is the tread made from a less "high tech" compound? One shop mumbled something about this but not sure if this is just them trying to con me... and help grateful been trying to decide for months!