i have a hardtail 17" steel frame. I just bought double track rim for the back, i had the local shop put the tire on the the rim and i put the rim(with the tire on) on my bike myself. the tire barlley didn't touch my frame. there was a 1/32 gap between my tire and frame. also my disk brake lined right up too. i didn't have to do any adjusting at all! Every thing was workin perfect and i was going down a sidewalk at about 20mph , and all i know is i hit this hole next to the sidewalk, and i woke up with a concussion in the E.R. (.. also that was 1 and a half weeks ago)
I finely got to take a look at my bike after my accident. and i though by bike made it away fawless but ever since my tire rubs the frame and i can't get my disk brake into alinement! like when i spin my rim it doen't look warped and the same with my rotor. Im stupped , is there a chance my frame is warped just enough that nether wont work?

thanks Brent