I and a couple of friends have been bitten by the mtb bug and looking to upgrade. We have some import dealings and have considered importing in some bikes with our next load of trade goods. A lot of mtb's are made in Taiwan so we are looking at trying to order direct from Taiwan.

I know that Giant have big presence in Taiwan and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about local bikes in Taiwan. I wonder if Giant (for example) have a local brand name that might sell cheaper in Taiwan than their 'Giant' branded counterpoints in the West. Also if there are specific local brands that compete with the wetern exports ?

I'm currently riding an XTC 2 LE hardtail and looking to upgrade to a decent dually, but my friends are looking to move up from newbie bikes to a good hardtail or perhaps dually depending on what the market is like.

If anyone has looked into this or perhaps spent time in Taiwan I'd love to hear anything you can tell me about the Taiwanese market as we are keen to get into some dually action.

I would like to add that I AM a supporter of my LBS, having bought two bikes there myself and recommending them to several friends who bought bikes there also. My LBS rocks !!!
It's just that our business might allow us the opportunity to get something better, legitimately, and whilst I love my XTC2 I am looking forward to hitting the runs on a dually which I might not otherwise afford.