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    Haro Shift R5 vs K2 Lithium 3 vs Cannondale Jekyll

    Hi All,

    I have narrowed down my search for a new full suspension bike to these 3 models becuase I am looking for plushness of ride and pure comfort whilst also being able to do technical trails as well. Basically an All Mountain.....
    Due to budget constraints and strange pricing policies of local bike importers here in Israel, these 2 bikes are most reasonably priced compared to US prices.
    I am just having a really hard time deciding between the models.
    The Haro is about $300 cheaper than the K2, but has a simple Manitiu Radium shock as opposed to a Fox Propedal on the K2 (which I hear is great). It also seems that the K2 has a better geometry and more advanced frame, but I test rode them both and they both feel nice. I did not, however test in rough terrain and I probably can't get one for a test in rough terrain. Therefore I am wondering if the K2 warrants a $300 difference, or if the Haro is as good for much less money. If I was to stretch my budget another $200, I could get a Cannondale Jekyll , but I have heard that this is an old model and I am paying for the Cannondale badge. The new prophet is much more expensive and out of my range.
    I would love some feedback on these questions.

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    I own 2 K2's right now, and a HARO Xtreme '04. The HARO is less $$$ because of the components. Both are excellent brands in my book. I'm not familiar with the Lithium personally, but one of my friend's girlfriend owns a Shift R5, and she loves it. I'd steer clear of C'dale, and just let the $$$ decide on which of the other two to choose....

    The K2 is probably worth the extra $300, but not because it's a better bike. It just has some better components maybe.

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