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Thread: New bike blues

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    So I'm at my local bike store three days ago and have this vision - a 2005 Iron Horse Maverick in all its glory Not the best mountain bike in the world, but a worthy candidate for purchase at $449. I can upgrade components later, because let's face it, I don't think I can build a bike with quality components for that little dough. I gave it a test drive, and aside from the squishy air-assist forks, I liked it.

    I figured I could wait a day or two before deciding if I need a second mountain bike (already am in love with my Giant Rainier, with many mods), so I thought about it overnight and almost went back in that same night to pick up the rig.

    Yesterday's visit to the LBS resulted in the 21.5" Maverick being sold out from under me, so I placed the Red Phone order (it's in the Performance catalogue). This resulted in the unpleasant news that a (probably overpriced to begin with) $649 bike, reduced to $449 is no longer in stock in this size, and the model has been discontinued, so "tough luck, pal."

    Crud. Now I have a crankset, rigid fork and various other components and no foundation on which to build. I'm thinkin' I should just build a damn bike...any good idears on where to get a decent, inexpensive MTB frame?
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    Toddorado!!! I FOUND YOUR BIKE!!!

    I just came back from Performance like, five minutes ago. I remembered your post and went to look for it. They have one 21.5 inch left! Check your PM, I'll give you the information!

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