I recently posted asking for advice on Marzocchi shocks, I was planning on ordering a new fork from them under their replacement program ( if they do not have the parts to fix your old fork they will sell you a new one for wholesale) and now that I am ready to call in my order I find that I lost the phone number and am unable to locate the website. It apparently is unavailable. I really need a new shock so in looking around I see a few other shocks that I might be interested in. I get mixed reviews on mtb.com so I thought I'd post here. Manitou Axel Elite-$79 this is in the running because of the price and because no one can tell me exactly WHY it sucks...just that it sucks, thanks. Manitou Black Comp-$139 also listed because of price and I imagine it would be better than the Axel but.... Marzocchi MX comp $ 210 I can get this from Marz cheaper but I can't find them so ... I only ride single track, minimal jumping, never on purpose, I guess you would say XC. I unfortunatly will need to purchase a $39 set of Hayes mechs ( relax, they will be on until they break then it's the avids) if I purchase the OE manitou shocks. I also am unsure if the MX comp is coil or air or both, I think Ive found all three at various websites but it's hard to tell, all the pictures look slightly different. I made sure they said MX Comp before I clicked so no problems there. Wow, alot of words here, basically tell me which is the better deal, I'll be upgrading to a better frame in a few years and only manage to ride about twice a week. I would appreciate real advice on why Manitou Axel is so bad, or if you can think of something similar. My current price range is around $200, I'll go up some if I hear a good reason, I of course would love to go below that too. To recap, current shock is broke, need to last only two years, price range 200ish to 300, can only run 85-100 travel,would prefer to not buy discs but will if needed for OE deals. Thanks