I was at Glentress in Scotland over the weekend.

Going down a rock descend, my SPD cleat was ripped from the shoe. Got down to the bottom to find the thread on the cleat plate had failed. Inspection revealed rust around the thread, no doubt this is the reason why the threads failed and the cleat was ripped out. I turned the plate around and used the other 2 threads to fix the shoe.

However, these shoes (Pearl Izumi Vapor) are only 3 months old, so it's not like they are years old and I should be replacing the cleat plates. I do machine wash the shoes when they are muddy since I can't hand was them properly. This is probably where the rusting has occured, since no water can get in from the bottom because I've seeled them with bathroom sealant.

So what I need is a cleat plate that does not rust. Does anyone make a stainless steel one, or possibly an aluminium one?