I just bought an '04 RM Vertex and I presently have a hitch carrier with one arm........I am scared that I'm going to mark the bike up from carrying other bikes on the rack and/or the clamp scraping against the frame constantly. It is a Sportrack Frontier. Due to security and safety of the bike (now that I finally have a half decent bike), I think I'll get a bike rack for my thule roof rack.

My question is whether the cheaper no name racks would be as good (or close) to the thule/yakima racks. There is a huge price difference betweem some of them (thule upright $235 Cdn, Mont Blanc upright $135) There does not appear to be too much of a difference between some of them.

Could someone please help me on making a decision here........is it worth it to shell out the extra $$ for a good name rack?

Thanks in advance