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    singlespeed or not? how to decide?


    i've been looking to purchase a bike and have narrowed it down to the 05 rockhopper comp or kona blast.

    but recently, i thought to myself that maybe i only need single speed.

    i'm not sure how to decide if singlespeed is for me or not.

    what are the disadvantages and advantages of singlespeed?

    what type of rider would want singlespeed over multi?

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    I would think that you should read the FAQ over at the singlespeed forums on MTBR and then post most specific questions.

    My suggestion?? Borrow someones bike and go for a ride and see if you like it.

    Also.........I don't think if I would get a dedicated singlespeed (horizontal dropouts, no derailer cable routing stops, no derailer hanger) if it was my only bike.

    For those of us with way too many bikes that is not a problem. If you have but one bike and are not Matt Chester you might need something more versatile. A hardtail with gears is the most versatile creature there is in my opinion.

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