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    New guy!, and new bike, anyone in Olympia?

    Hi guy`s, Name tino from Olympia WA, i kinda have been riding a littile on and off not alot of trails, but i recently started, and my giant Warp was having a hard time with some drop off`s so one of my friends thats into bike told me to go and get a new one.. so now hopefully i will get more ride time in then i usto,
    going to go to capitol forest alot, and try my hand at some down hill,

    small pic il take some other later, it`s a TREK, Session77, my first real bike, it`s crazy..

    if anyone is in olympia, and wants to hit up a ride let me know!, even down for some street night riding,

    AIM is cr8zyrcracer

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    The session is unreal. I will be getting one in the fall. There are a lot more WA riders on ridemonkey, even a few from olympia. I don't think any of them frequent here.

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