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    Good clipless pedals for MTB?

    Hey all,

    My friend just got Look clipless pedals and Shimano shoes for his roadbike and I road around on them for a while and was suprised at how easy it was to unclip/clip in despite all of the posts here saying how hard it is when you first try. So I want to look into clipless pedals/shoes for my mtb bike. So can anyone recommend some pedals that are good for mtb, and preferably (sp?) have some type of platform so when I go to my friends house a few blocks away, I dont have to wear my shoes, I can wear normal ones.

    My price range is around $40 give or take. I dont know if that is low for a limit or what, so let me know.


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    I would try and find some double sided SPD pedals on ebay- they are not so expensive and you can set the spring tension very low so you can get out easily (good if you are new to clipless).

    If you are only cycling a few blocks then you really don`t need much of a platform- I often cycle a few blocks on my SPD pedals (which don`t have a platform) in normal shoes.

    I do have a set of pedals with a platform but I don`t use them. I think that having a platform works against the cleat locking mechanism making it harder to clip in and adds to the weight. Also the ones I have don`t even work that well as platforms as the cleat locking mechanism projects up slightly above the surface of the platform making them uncomfortable
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