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Thread: Pedal question

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    Pedal question

    I am new to the sport of mtn biking and been at it for 3-4 months. I am thinking of upgrading my pedals. I am not sure if I want to go to clipless pedals because of 1) not comfortable with the idea of not being able to have my leg free (newbie) and 2) investing in a pair of shoes (expense). What are my other options so that it'll help me to keep my foot on the pedal and help me with bunnyhops and small jumps. I have read up a bit on it but the more I read, the more confusing it. Some advise please...and thank you.


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    first off welcome to the forums. what pedals/shoes do you use now? clipless pedals are not the mega money pit you may have been told and you being new to the sport may be better off going to them now instead of developing some bad habits the trying to switch. the type of riding will also determine the best way to go. you mentioned jumps. many people who free ride and do a lot of stunts go with a BMX pedal and some grippy shoes. if you keep your tires on the ground most of the time and climb most hills on your bike not on a lift or hike a bike then Time ATACS are a good clipless pedal that can be as little as under $60 that will not only be an easy coversion but will also inspire confidence as well as improve balance and power for climbs and many shoes can be found for inexpesive prices also dependig on what you want( I paid $30 for my last pair) your riding habits will really be your best determining factor
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