Hey guys, I just got a 2005 Specialized Enduro Comp the other day for $1900. What a deal!! Its a major upgrade from my '04 Rockhopper, although it's a little heavier!! Maybe I just need more muscle.

I have a couple questions... I'm 6'3" 200lbs. I bought the Large size. I test rode it around the lot and it seemed fine to me when I rode it, but when I got it back, it seemed a little small. I mean even when I got my rockhopper I thought it was a little large (21") but i kinda "grew into it."

I guess my question is, are you supposed to be able to touch the ground when you're on the saddle of your bike? I've always been afraid to have the saddle too high cause I could barely touch the ground, but I have to in order to be able to properly extend my legs while riding, but then getting on it is a little difficult. Also, when you sit on the bike it squishes down about an inch or so. Is this normal? everything else about it fits perfectly.

Also, if there is anyone in the san diego into freeriding i'd like to hear from you. are there any bike parks in the area? I've mostly been riding Mission Trails, but that long uphill in the beginning is killer, but it's so fun to go back down!

I guess that's it for now, thanks guys!