So i finally got to get out on my custom, jamis xlt. Man you guys are not kidding about high end stuff for mountain bikes. I am comparing to my 05 Trek Y26. The feel of my new bike is just flawless. The rear spv does not bob when i pedal, the front shock absorbs anything and everything. The gears shift like nothing and even uphill when pumping hard the gears switch mighty good. The bike is about 4 lbs lighter also. I cant find a negative about this build up at all. I know it has only been one ride but, i have been riding a lot in the last 6 months with my trek and its just amazing what new stuff will do to you. Well know im thinking of putting slicks on my trek to ride on the road during the week, to train my legs so i can get faster on trails. What you guys think? So anyone who says there is no difference between 4 or 500 dollars bikes compared to the thousand dollar ones are full of it.