Not sure if Pace export vast amounts of their products or not, so this question might be aimed at UK riders....

I've seen Pace RC39 100mm XC forks for sale in various online stores, but Pace's own website does not feature them. Are they a new fork that has not been released yet, or are they old and discontinued?

More to the point are they any good? I've been riding a pair of 2000/2001 RC36 Pro Class, and they've been nothing more than average. They are (were) very light, but they seem to flex a lot, and they're not the plushest fork I've ever ridden, but don't need much maintenence. All in all if I was judging by these alone, I wouldn't buy Pace again, but they are 4-5 years old and the RC39s look sweet.

Anyone seen them, or ridden them or even seen a review of them. Are they worth 400 of my hard earned cash?