What a day for riding, why does it feel good to be the first on a trail since rain? I rode Hogsback Trail at Klondike County Park, rained middle of the night last night, dry from then until the rest of the day. The trail was slightly slippery kind of tacky and someplaces were quite dry. So i embark for the first run of the trail, singletrack between tight trees, some of the sharper turns really loose wet dirt, front tire won't grab, strugglin through that, get past it reast of the trail good, small endo on a tight switchback, and that finishes out the first ride. Back up the steep asphault to the trailhead then the second ride comes around i hit the trail adjusted a little better to the loose trail, ridin good, no endo on the tight switchback this time ridin alongthrough a fast singletrac section, go to miss a root overcompensate too much wheel slides into really loose dirt and leaves and stick mixture my bike feels like its floating goes out from under me and i spread eagle land half way on the trail halfway off. My bike is hanging half way off the edge of an 8 foot drop and my legs are too, it was a pretty good rush. Finished off the ride close to the end a root with some dirt built up to it so i jump it land to the other side of the trail and smack sideways into a tree trunk kind of hurt. Finish the ride head to the top again and ride for the last time of the day, ride's goin good until i get to that root again i try to compensate to miss the tree and i do alright jump it again, and smack the tree trunk in a different spot hitting my leg between the tree and my bike, that hurt, so i finish the ride and the whole rest of the day i have a smile on my face, it's awesome, the ride was awesome, That's the reason i love it more or less, i forgot my camera again, nest time i ride Klondike i'll include some pictures, but for now everyone keep on riding and having a good time.