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    Hey! Hoping you can all help me out with some annoying problems...

    1st the noises...they come from the front gear when I start pedaling. At first it was rather quiet but after about 2 weeks it got to be the most irratating noise I've ever heard...I even here it while tearing down a dirt trail. Also, it starts even without pedalling hard...and in the easiest gear. I was thinking about taking the lot off and greasing the inside abit. Wondering if this would be a good idea.

    and front gears don't wanna change and are stuck on the lowest gear limiting the speed of my bike. I checked it out and noticed that it didn't move an inch from first to second, and when put into third then only moved into second. I noticed it was because the cable was lsoe when in first and never had enough tension to pull it into second. How do you tighten it?? Its starting to get rather annoying.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I just noticed the bike mechanics forum. Sorry about putting the question here...move it if you think its better
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