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    I'm psyched!!! Just got my first mountain bike in 9 years. Here's the breakdown -
    13" Jamis Dalota XC - 2004
    XT front and rear
    LX Hollowtech Cranks
    Thompson Elite Seatopost
    Hutchinson Python Tubeless Tires
    Mavic UST Wheelset
    Time ATAC Pedals
    Ritchey Pro Stem
    Answer Taperlite Bar
    Avid V-Brakes (No time for disc maintenence ha)
    Maintou Skareb Fork
    I also bought some new shoes just while I was in spending mode and got Shimano M225 shoes. More than I needed but I'm partial to them from my courier days

    Gonna go tool around for a bit. I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things.

    PS - For everything I dropped about $1170 today.. not too bad all things considered
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