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    what size tubes for 2.7'' tires?

    I have recently purchased a pair of 2.7'' timberwolf race (not the DH) tires for my surly 1x1 for this fall/winter. I like the big footprint for the winter trail conditions. These are the biggest tires I have ever run (I had a 2.5'' up front before) and am wondering what size tube I can use.

    With the 2.5'' tires, I could get away with using a tube for 2.1 - 2.35 size tire and have had no problems. Will I be able to stretch it to fill up the 2.7'' without any ill effects? The LBS seems to think so, but I could tell they had little or no experience in this size tire and were guessing. I would like to avoid trial and error.

    Keep in mind I will not be doing any downhilling or freeriding and would like to stay away from using the 2.7'' tubes if possible because they weigh quite a bit and are usually designed for downhill riding. But maybe I just haven't found the right tube. I know they are durable but they might be overkill for my riding, ie wat to heavy. I would like to keep the weight down as much as possible because the tires are already so heavy.

    Any thoughts? tube reccomendations? Are there any regular weight presta tubes out there designed for 2.7'' tires?

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    I would say that the 2.35 should be a pinch we use 1.75 tubes on 2.2 tires, so you should be ok...

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    The 2.35's will be fine, I have used 1.75's in my Specialized 2.3 DH tires before and it was fine for months, until I pinched it on a landing. Looses air a little faster it seems, but no biggie.
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