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Thread: Trail! Name?

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    Trail! Name?

    Me and my friends has a 2 km long trail about 10 minutes from my house. It is a free ride trail. Lots or boardwalks and jumps. The longest boardwalk is around 110 feet long. The biggest jump is a 4 foot jump with a 10 foot gap. Anyways, we like to name our jumps and boardwalks. For example, on one of the jumps, my friend hit it and came up very short. His rear tire cased the tranny and his feet came off. His stomach hit the handle bars really hard. Ever since that, we have called the jump the "ab cruncher", haha. Also for one of the boardwalks, when we were building it, we were trying to figure out what we were goin to call it. Than all of a sudden, one of my friends found this like 50 year old mountain dew can. So ever since we have called the boardwalk the "Mountain dew" trail.
    Well since that we have build many more boardwalks and many new jumps. So I was wondering what chould me and my friends call them? Does anyone have any good or funny names for them? Also, we are trying to build up our trail a little, but it seems like we have everything you chould think of! We have a step up, big/small jumps, long/short boardwalks, drops, a very steap fun hill, teeter-todders (one just on the ground, one on a boardwalk). I was just wondering does anyone have any good ideas of what we chould build! Thanks guys!!!!

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    if theres a bottom of a hill where a big log is at the bottom making it treacherous to ride, put a peice of playwood with a cinderblock or too under it. My friends and i have done so and it is a sweet jump. Call it the Abo after that adorable little money
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