That's right, another rant about ATA Cycle. I'm pretty damn sure that Hassan guy who runs the place was a used car dealer before he got into bike business, so was his entire sales crew. I was somewhat of a newbie when I bought my bike there, so sure enough that joker dumped a ton of BS on me - tried to convince me that a 21" frame was really a 19", WTB Speed V is a "$80 saddle," Hayes MX-2 is so much better than "all that Avid crap," some piece of **** no-name integrated headset is "as good as it gets," lied that it was a current-year model even though it was an 04, etc. To make things worse, the bike must've been slapped together by a 10 year old - every damn thing needed to be adjusted as soon as I walked out the door. Wheels were out of true, bottom bracket wasn't tightened, freehub body was loose, and probably a whole lot of other things I missed. So, to sum it up, they sold me a wrong-sized, poorly assembled bike - can we all say Wal-Mart? I brought it back in a couple weeks to get everything fixed and they supposedly took care of it, but turns out they didn't do a damn thing, or did a really crappy job if they in fact did work on the bike. Not too surprising, I guess - their 30 day free service warranty is a joke; they'd much rather charge some moneybag $500 for working on his five grand colnago than do free-of-charge warranty repair on a $500 bike. I brought the wheel there again to get the freehub fixed (the damn thing is loose like a cheap hooker, even after they "repaired" it) but now they have no record of the bike ever being serviced there, and want to charge $30 (probably more - "sorry, it took us longer than expected") to adjust a hub that's probably not even worth that much - you can get the entire Alex wheelset with Formula hubs for under $70 at Pricepoint or Cambria, and was never properly set up in the first place. So yeah, that's my experience with them. Not a good one, obviously.