Hey guys!
New here and have a few questions. I'm 37yoa, 5' 10" and weigh about 250lbs. Had a Trek 5000 years ago but due to financial problems because of a bad Knee injury was forced to sell the bike for cash and also couldnt ride for over a year. Everything healed better now and financial situation had greatly improved. Have a couple of friends I ride with now but all I have is a Crappy Tire special one of my buds loan me. Just a junk bike thats miserable to ride.We mainly ride weekends for hours and I like to ride in the evenings a few times a week,time permitting.They have Norcos and Rocky Mountains. I need my own bike! Anyway we do mainly just gravel trail riding, road, and some cross country. No downhill, freeriding or jumps. Have taken a Gary Fisher Taboo,Giant Mount Rainier,Kona Cinder Cone,GT Avalanche,Specialized Stumpjumper FSR and an Epic FSR. All great bikes but really liked the Stumpjumper and Epic. Looked at a LBS 2003 Epic for $2000 upgraded with mavic rims and a avid disc brake system installed to try and sell the bike. Seems that noone wanted to pay the original $2800 for the bike without disc brakes,so the LBS is trying to sweeten the deal. However it has Manitou Skareb Comp forks for the front and there seems to be problems with this particular model from what I've read here on the forum. Anyway another shop wanted a plain Stumpjumper for $1700 plus tax. I was wondering is getting a fancy bike like the Epic overkill since I wont be racing with it? I like the full suspension idea and the Epic felt good. I'm a bigger guy so I want a sturdy bike. Would a Epic be too flimsy for my size or should I get something more sturdy? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!