For anyone with experience in the SLC area (this does extend to areas such as Moab):
I'm moving out to SLC in early November for the winter season. I'm looking to pickup a mtb for trails accessible from the city as well as for weekend trips (to Moab for example). A few simple questions with (probably) some complicated answers:
a) Full-suspension or hardtail? This would be my first mtb in a few years (my last one was stolen and i've been doing road exclusively since then). I had a Cannondale F600 maybe 3-4 years back and enjoyed it a lot. Never did any DH, just singletrack through the woods. I anticipate doing something similar, though this would obviously be dependent upon the local trails. Nonetheless, could one do Slickrock or any of the other Moab classics on a hardtail?
b) Winter riding. This will be my first time spending anything longer than a few days in the rockies. Are the local trails (which i've been told are plentiful) accessible in the winter? Or are they in the mountains (I'm assuming anything above the valley is going to be snowpacked during the fall/winter/spring)? How is Moab during the winter (again, my timeline is roughly early November till late April)
Thanks a bunch for the help. Hopefully I'll see you SLC locals soon!