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    The Full lineup is available on their website now.

    I just found it so I figured I would make it public knowledge (if it isn't already)

    One thing I notice is The prices keep going up and up.

    low end Stumpjumper HT with discs $1,600. (thanks callaway)

    Tough to swallow for a hardtail.

    Another thought; the FSR stumpy with carbon why?? I can't see wanting a frame with any carbon fiber on a 5'' travel bike. On the epic I can see it but not on the Stumpy. Thats just me I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unsuspended

    low end Stumpjumper HT with discs $1,500.
    Just a small correction- $1600 for the 06. $1500 was for the 05
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