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    Trek 4300 versus Giant Yukon or another brand?

    Im new at mountain biking and want to buy a mountain bike.

    2 bikes Ive looked at are Trek 4300 and Giant Yukon?

    Which is the better bike?

    I want to do alot of road riding and some mountain bike dirt tracks and off trail riding.

    The bikes are $AUD 700 approxiamately.

    I am willing to spend around $ AUD 1000.

    So should I buy the Trek 4300 or Giant Yukon or any other suggestions for better bikes would be helpful.

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    For $1000 AU theres a lot of good choices but you can probably do better than those two. Their both OK but you need to do the rounds of the bike shops and ride as many as you can, stick to a hardtail though. While your at it have a look at the FAQ thread at the top of the forum, it will answer most of your questions.

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