I've been out of mountain biking for several years now and am looking to get back into it. I still have my old bike, however it is greatly in need of a tune up and some repairs. I bought the bike used around 10 years ago (donít remember the price) so I'm not exactly sure how old it is, but picking it up tonight I know it is really heavy. :irritated

Current bike:
~10 year old Scott frame
Marzocchi XC100 fork
Rocky Mountain handlebar
Shimano Mountain LX crank
Shimano Mountain LX front derailleur
Shimano Exage 300 LX rear derailleur
Scott SE Pederson rear caliper
Shimano ?? front caliper
Araya rims
Richey Z-Max front tire
Richey Mad-Max rear tire

Current bike problems:
Front suspension seals leak
Front shift lever index cam broke

Realistically, I can't see myself off road (single track) riding more than twice a month and on the road a few times a month. Also, Iím unsure of convincing the wife to spend over $500 on a new bike versus fixing the old one. So, Iíve been looking at the Specialized Hardrock Comp (yeah, I hear the groans) and a 2002 Specialized Uno (on sale) because the prices are right, but I wasnít impressed by either one during test rides. I liked the Hardrock frame, both had the Judy TT fork which seemed sloppy, and some of the components (e.g., front derailleur) seemed cheap and ill fitted..

So, the questions are:
[list=1][*]Do I spend the $ to fix the Scott or buy a new bike? Bike shop quoted at least $80 labor + seal kit + replacement shifter + unknown broke/worn parts.[*]Suggestions for new (or used) bikes to look at in the $500 range? For that price range, I think Iíd be happier with a hard tail.[*]Any idea what a respectable trade in value for the Scott is?[/list=1]

Thanks for the help.