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    Yep, you heard right. The truth is, I didn't "just" order them, I ordered them 1 and a half weeks ago, and then 3 days ago, I sent them an email asking if they had everything in stock (considering I hadn't gotten a confirmation email and I had transferred the money). Anyway, now, 3 days and 5 emails later I realised that they couldn't "find" the order number because I signed my emails with my name but we used my mother's name in the account creation. Now I'm hoping that over the weekend we can clear this up and have them ship the items, if in stock, on Monday (the items are as follows: Sun Double Track/Shimano Deore Disc/DT Swiss wheelset, an 160mm Avid Juicy 5 rotor and an 160mm adapter).
    I'm stoked. Anyway, their English wasn't very good (the site is German) but their customer service is excellent, latest 12 hours they reply to the emails and I could clearly see there was some sort of mistake or error here and nothing to do with fraud (it's a site which all Spanish bikers use).

    Anyway, just felt like sharing this and stay tuned for (hopefully) next week's pics when I get the parts (and if I get my camera working, tomorrow's epic 50km ride !

    PS: I'm ordering a new wheelset because I got a front Juicy 5 for birthday but my wheels have no disc hubs, my current wheelset was doing fine, and the rotor&adapter because I bought a 203mm rotor and adapter, thinking that if the wheel was strong enough, it'd be perfectly fine, but later found out that my RST would have the caliper mounts snapped off.
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    Talk about let down - I was expecting pics.

    Looks like you have some good parts coming - should turn your bike into a bit of a beast.
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