I'm a road biker so please be easy on me. I bought a mountain a few years ago and enjoyed riding it on trails. Lately I've been using it with road slicks only to take leisurely rides with my wife. I'd like to get back to some trail riding. The bike feels like a tank to me. I don't know if it's the frame or the rest of it. Probably some of both. It is really heavy, particularly when compared to a road bike. It is a Gary Fisher Marlin which I bought because I liked the color and the fact that the frame was American made. I still like those things about it.

My question is would it make sense to do some upgrades to that relatively inexpensive frame to lighten and improve the bike's performance for trail use? I think wheels and a lighter fork would make a lot of difference. Is this frame worth putting more money into or should I just sell it and start fresh? Thanks for abiding this type of question.